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Product Name : Grand Officers Mark English Regulation Apron - Blue & Pink with Gold Fringe
Item No : BSI-MA-402
Description :


Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
Assistant Grand Scribe Ezra
Deputy Grand Director Ceremonies
Deputy Grand Registrar
Deputy Scribe E
Deputy Grand Sword Bearer
First Assistant Grand Sojourner
Grand Director of Ceremonies
Grand Inspector
Grand Janitor
Grand Organist
Grand Registrar
Grand Scribe E
Grand Scribe N
Grand Standard Bearer
Grand Superintendent
Grand Sword Bearer
Grand Treasurer
Metropolitan Grand Superintendent
President of the Committee of General Purpose
Principal Grand Sojourner
Second Assistant Grand Sojourner
The First Grand Principal
The Pro First Grand Principal
The Second Grand Principal
The Third Grand Principal
Hand Embroidered Rank Badge, to your individual requirement
2inch Wide Belt
Embroidered Apron Levels
Gathered Bullion Fringe
Pocket to rear of Apron
Securing tag on the back of apron to stop apron slipping down
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